Test time is a phase of iterative process of developing an idea for obtaining feedback from your target audience. The purpose of the test is to learn what works and what does not for the user, by taking calculated risks. The goal is to try things soon to return to our prototype and modify it. The testing phase should be prepared carefully, identifying the tool to use based on the stage of development (early or mature) of the idea. In early times we opt for more qualitative and 1v1 interview models, while in mature phases we seek to reach the greatest possible number of users. The ideal is to face people that are experienced and very familiar with the issues that we handle at that time and in turn to those who are not (users / non-users). In the test, we’re not looking only to capture the user’s opinion, but to understand and comprehend both their rational part (what he says or what he does about our solution) as the emotionalpart (what we see or think that you can see or feel about our solution).